Poetry Sunday: Trying To Remember by Eric Nixon

Most of my great ideas seem to come when I'm lying awake in the middle of the night. In the night, behind my closed eyelids, anything seems possible and I can visualize the implementation of my plans right down to the smallest detail. And everything works perfectly. In the morning, in the light of day and the press of daily life, it's impossible to remember what it was about that idea that was so great. Or even what the idea was. Life goes on and tonight I'll lie awake and make my plans once again. Tomorrow I'll try to remember.

Trying To Remember

by Eric Nixon

Trying to remember
The great idea I had
That I came up with
Just yesterday
But sadly, sitting here
Under the ornate tin ceiling
Of the busy cafe
With the sound and smell
Of jaunty piano music
Swirling together in concert
With the thick layering
Of freshly ground coffee
Punctuated by the occasional
Clattering of plates
And the steady background
Droning of scattered conversation
While I look out the window
At the passing traffic on Route 9
And the billowy greens
Of the maple trees across the street
Swaying in the breezy late-day winds
Looking picture-perfect
With the help of the low-lying sun
Brightly-lit light green
Contrasting nicely
With the shadowy side of each branch
Deeply-dark emerald
And all of a sudden
I realize I don’t care
About what I’ve forgotten
Since I’ve gotten
So much more
From my minutes
Of being lost in thought


  1. great transition and moment-specific... the other nite i woke up and thought of a way to improve my bicycle. next day i found out it wouldn't work, lol... so i know what you mean!

    1. I guess it's something we've all experienced. That's why the poem strikes a chord with us.

  2. Surely it is common to all of us that our greatest ideas come in our sleep, and there are no obstacles to success - until the morning, that is!

    1. Everything is possible until you have to actually do it!

  3. Most of my ideas come from my dreams so this fits very well.

  4. Happens to me all the time, too. If only I could harness these thoughts in the morning!


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