Poetry Sunday: It will be Summer - eventually by Emily Dickinson

According to the calendar, we are now well into spring in the northern hemisphere and headed toward summer, even though some parts of the northernmost hemisphere hardly seem to have advanced beyond winter yet. But Emily Dickinson assures us that summer is indeed coming. In my part of the world, it usually comes sooner than we would wish and lingers long after its welcome has worn thin. In Emily's world, it seems the most perfect of seasons.

It will be Summer - eventually

by Emily Dickinson

It will be Summer — eventually.
Ladies — with parasols —
Sauntering Gentlemen — with Canes
And little Girls — with Dolls —

Will tint the pallid landscape —
As ’twere a bright Bouquet —
Tho’ drifted deep, in Parian —
The Village lies — today —

The Lilacs — bending many a year —
Will sway with purple load —
The Bees — will not despise the tune —
Their Forefathers — have hummed —

The Wild Rose — redden in the Bog —
The Aster — on the Hill
Her everlasting fashion — set —
And Covenant Gentians — frill —

Till Summer folds her miracle —
As Women — do — their Gown —
Or Priests — adjust the Symbols —
When Sacrament — is done —


  1. The heat of summer is not my favourite part of the year, but when the maple in the back yard is fully leafed and gives us shade it is very pleasant. Won't be long.

    1. Not my favorite either. Summers here are usually brutal, but it is all part of Nature's cycle, although we don't see many ladies with parasols or "sauntering" gentlemen with canes.

  2. Emily captures it quite nicely, i think... Parian: a sort of white marble, referring to a statue, most likely...(Wiki)...

    1. The Belle of Amherst did have her own unique way with words.

  3. You can never go wrong with Emily Dickinson! Here in Ok, summer comes way too fast and never wants to leave.

    1. Same here only maybe worse. Emily was dealing with genteel New England summers.


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