Write like the wind, George!

George R.R. Martin's fans have been waiting impatiently since 2011 for the next entry in his fantastically successful Song of Ice and Fire saga. Of course, long-time Martin fans have grown accustomed to waiting. Maybe it is those newcomers among us (like me) who only discovered him after the start of the HBO series Game of Thrones who really haven't absorbed the lessons of the last seventeen years.

As all true fans know, Song of Ice and Fire was conceived as a seven book saga. The first entry in the series, which was entitled Game of Thrones, was published in 1996. It took only two years for the next book, A Clash of Kings, to gestate. And then two more years for A Storm of Swords to reach the salivating fandom. But then things slowed down.

The books got longer and (if possible) even more complicated and it took five years before A Feast for Crows saw the light of day.  But that was as nothing compared to the SIX YEARS that it took to produce A Dance with Dragons which came out in 2011.  As soon as that book was out, the watch was on, somewhat like the one for Kate and William's royal baby, but with a lot longer gestation period and a lot less patience.

The latest word from the author and publisher is that the sixth entry, The Winds of Winter, will be out next year, 2014. We'll see.

Meanwhile, the geek world is doing everything it can to encourage its favorite author, up to and including the composing of songs like this one by the duo Paul and Storm.

Poor George. It must be getting really hard for him to go out in public with people shouting at him, "Get back to your keyboard and finish the damn book!"

At least he has the consolation of his two cats, Augustus and Caligula. Hmmm...I wonder if those two inspired any of his characters.


  1. That was hilarious!!! They could be the new Bret and Jemaine! I'd watch that show. Especially if there's more fighting with turkey legs.

    1. They do remind me of Bret and Jemaine, although I have to say B and J are cuter. But this is my new favorite song!


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