Climate Change 101

Maybe we should have more sympathy for the climate change deniers. After all, it's complicated, right?

For one thing, climate change, even the more rapidly changing climate of our time, happens over the long term. We, with our lives that are only a blink in time in relation to Earth's history, experience weather as a day to day, week to week, month to month event. We might remember what the weather was like a year ago or five years ago but our memories are probably distorted by other events that happened at the time or since. That's just the way we are. So how can our puny little minds even begin to comprehend the enormity of the threat of a changing global climate?

Luckily, there are humans whose minds are less puny than yours and mine and they can understand these things. And some of them, like Bill Nye the Science Guy, can explain them to us in terms that even we can understand.

If I had the power, I would force all of our elected representatives in Congress to watch this brief video. Perhaps then they would stop making statements about how carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas and nothing we should be concerned about, or how a warming planet is actually beneficial to life. And perhaps they would even get off their butts and actually do something to ameliorate the situation.

Nah. Probably not. When did common sense or science ever sway these guys?


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