Poetry Sunday: Daylight Savings Time by Amy LV

I went looking for a poem about the changing of the time and found this one by someone calling herself Amy LV. I thought it expressed well the confusion that many feel regarding setting the clock forward or backward an hour twice each year. To answer the question she asks in the last stanza, I'm pretty sure Father Time is thoroughly oblivious to our human time-keeping.

Daylight Savings Time

Set clocks forward.
Set clocks back.
Set clocks forward.
Who can keep track?
When is it fall?
When is it spring?
You can't be sure of anything.
An hour ahead.
An hour behind.
Will anybody ever find that missing hour?
Where does it go? 
Is my clock fast?
Is your clock slow?
Dark or light.
Is it today?
Is it yesterday?
Daylight savings time is here.
Do you think the sun will stay?
Are you confused two times each year?
What time is it?
I'm so unclear.
Time can put me
in a tizzy.
Do you think Father Time feels dizzy? 


  1. In fact, Dorothy, reading this poem just reminded me that the clocks went forward today. I had totally forgotten!

    1. It's good to know that my my Poetry Sunday does serve a purpose!

  2. I love this poem! I know the reasoning for Daylight Savings Time but I've thought it was so needless. But like you, I think Father Time has more important things to do than worry about our clocks lol

    1. DST served a purpose at its inception, but one does wonder how much actual purpose it serves in our modern world. Like you, I wish we could just pick one time and stick with it.

  3. What a perfect poem! I'm so not a fan of having to change our clocks twice a year. I say pick a time, any time, and stick with it. Please!

  4. New York State has a bill in the legislature to make daylight saving time year round. But even if it passes and is signed into law we can't do it because the only deviation the federal government allows is year round Standard Time. But it seems that, each year, the call to do away with the time change (somehow) only gets louder. Meanwhile, Father Time does not care - the sun doesn't observe Daylight time.

    1. Yes, the sun and time move on at their own pace, oblivious to us.

  5. My husband said that the Senate passed a resolution today that ends Daylight Savings Time. Unanimously approved.

    1. Actually I read that it would make DST permanent, so no more switching back and forth. That would be a step in the right direction I think.


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