Caturday: The Morris Project

Here's something different for Caturday - an opportunity to actually help cats.

The ASPCA has a grant program through which they provide food and aid to cats in shelters and in need and they have established a unique way that the public can help with that program. All you have to do cat videos! Well, we do that anyway, don't we, so why not do it in such a way as to help cats?

This project is called the Morris Rescue Watch, named for the rescue cat who became a television star back in the 1970s through commercials for 9 Lives cat food. Here's one of those famous commercials.

All you have to do to help is go to the Morris Rescue Watch site (click on the link above) and watch the cat videos there. The ASPCA says:
"The more you watch, the more hungry kitty bellies will be filled! Through our grants program, the ASPCA will be distributing the entire amount of food as in-kind donations nationwide to shelters, rescues, and other animal welfare groups that help feed cats in-need and at-risk."
The ASPCA website lists the organizations that will be benefiting from the project.

So, what are you waiting for? Go watch some cat videos and feed a hungry cat! The more you watch, the more cats get fed.

(A hat tip to bookworm at Ramblin' with AM for bringing this project to my attention.)


  1. I remember Morris! He was hot-stuff when I was little :)

    1. Yes, he was, and even in death he is still helping his fellow shelter cats. The Morris legacy lives on.


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