Poetry Sunday: Birthday by Robert William Service

Looking for poems about or set in January, I came across this one by Robert William Service and it made me smile. I hope it does the same for you.


by Robert William Service

(16th January 1949)

I thank whatever gods may be
For all the happiness that's mine;
That I am festive, fit and free
To savour women, wit and wine;
That I may game of golf enjoy,
And have a formidable drive:
In short, that I'm a gay old boy
Though I be

My daughter thinks, because I'm old
(I'm not a crock, when all is said),
I mustn't let my feet get cold,
And should wear woollen socks in bed;
A worsted night-cap too, forsooth!
To humour her I won't contrive:
A man is in his second youth
When he is

At four-score years old age begins,
And not till then, I warn my wife;
At eighty I'll recant my sins,
And live a staid and sober life.
But meantime let me whoop it up,
And tell the world that I'm alive:
Fill to the brim the bubbly cup -
Here's health to


  1. I love the poet's attitude! At least he made it into his 80's (I looked it up - 84)

    1. I think attitude may sometimes promote - or at least enhance - longevity.

  2. Thanks for the laugh! This poem is so fun and humorous. Good for him. :D

  3. This is delightful. I'm compiling a collection of good poems. I shall add this one to the collection.


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