Poetry Sunday: It sifts from Leaden Sieves by Emily Dickinson

A snowfall has the power to change the look of the land as it wraps the world in a layer of "fleece." It's not something that happens where I live now but I remember the snowfalls of my childhood. Those were magical times.

And then the sun came out and melted the snow and everything turned to slush. But Emily Dickinson preferred to write of the beauty of the snowfall itself.

It sifts from Leaden Sieves

by Emily Dickinson

It sifts from Leaden Sieves - 
It powders all the Wood. 
It fills with Alabaster Wool 
The Wrinkles of the Road - 

It makes an even Face 
Of Mountain, and of Plain - 
Unbroken Forehead from the East 
Unto the East again - 

It reaches to the Fence - 
It wraps it Rail by Rail
Till it is lost in Fleeces - 
It deals Celestial Vail

To Stump, and Stack - and Stem - 
A Summer’s empty Room - 
Acres of Joints, where Harvests were, 
Recordless, but for them - 

It Ruffles Wrists of Posts 
As Ankles of a Queen - 
Then stills its Artisans - like Ghosts - 
Denying they have been -


  1. So many captivating images here. Over the next few months we will see them all.

    1. And I am quite envious of you having that to look forward to.

  2. It's snowing right now where I live. You are welcome to all our snow this winter if you wish.

    1. LOL! You are so kind, Alana! Unfortunately, it would immediately melt in our 70 - 80 degree temperatures.

  3. I've never had anything but the very, very rare snow day. I am always envious of those who have experienced the snow life.

    1. I recognize that it can create serious problems for people but those snow days that I experienced (mostly as a child) were always very exciting for me.


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