Poetry Sunday: In October by Bliss Carman

Now is the time when the woods are at their most colorful. The trees are in their glory, showing off brighter colors after a summer of wearing green. It doesn't last long; enjoy it while it does. 

In October

by Bliss Carman

Now come the rosy dogwoods,
The golden tulip-tree,
And the scarlet yellow maple,
To make a day for me.
The ash-trees on the ridges,
The alders in the swamp,
Put on their red and purple
To join the autumn pomp.
The woodbine hangs her crimson
Along the pasture wall,
And all the bannered sumacs
Have heard the frosty call.
Who then so dead to valor
As not to raise a cheer,
When all the woods are marching
In triumph of the year?


  1. Indeed the scarlets and gold are transient, but they are very beautiful for a while. They are almost at their peak around here.

    1. I grew up in a place that had brilliant fall colors and I miss that about it - if little else. Now my world is mostly green year-round and I read poems about fall colors to remember.

  2. Since I've lived in the same place south of Houston for my entire life, I've always wondered what a real fall would be like. I find it best in poetry.

    1. True colorful autumns are glorious! I am so happy to have experienced them in my earlier life and to have those memories now that I am relegated to this green, green world.

    2. My husband and I took a fall foliage drive (we live in the Southern Tier of New York State) and the color is progressing nicely. Today we didn't have much sun and the tree colors were muted, but once the sun comes out, I know it's going to be a "wow". The maples look to be spectacular this year. Sadly, our ashes are succumbing to a blight that may well delegate most all of them to Tree Heaven along with the American Elm and Chestnut. I should publish some pictures Thursday for Thursday Tree Love. Alana ramblinwitham

  3. I love all the colors and hues of fall leaves. It's too bad they last for such a short time. Another great poem!

    1. It really catches the transitory nature of fall colors, doesn't it?


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