Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - October 2022

There's not much to show you from my zone 9 garden here in Southeast Texas on this October Bloom Day. We are in an extended period of drought stretching all the way back into mid-summer and that has been very hard on my plants. I haven't provided much supplemental water, having decided to let the plants make it or not on their own. And they are making it but they are in survival mode which doesn't leave much energy for blooms.

Coral vine might be an exception to that; it seems to have more than enough energy for blooms.

Turk's Cap blooms are not very showy but there are plenty of them.

The almond verbena blooms also are fairly unobtrusive unless you have a sense of smell in which case you will never be able to ignore their sweet fragrance.

The yellow cestrum does not seem to be bothered by the lack of rain.

The American beautyberry bloomed profusely and now is full of colorful berries which don't last too long because the birds love them.

Blue plumbago is a dependable bloomer regardless of the weather.

Justicia 'Orange Flame' is another tough bloomer.

If it is autumn, then the autumn sage must be in bloom. This one is a bit past its prime.

The Duranta erecta is another bloomer that seems impervious to the weather.

And, of course, if it is October then the "Naked Ladies" (red spider lilies) must be showing their stuff.

These tough old plants gladden my heart with their blooms every time I walk into the garden. I only hope that their toughness will soon be rewarded by a plentiful amount of autumn rain.

As always, a thank you to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for this monthly meme. Happy Bloom Day! 


  1. I applaud your decision to let the plants fend for themselves, Dorothy. Drought-resistant species will mount their natural defences to cope as they have done for millennia. The result may not always be pleasing to the human eye, but that's not the point is it? I have to say that from my perspective, everything still looks terrific.

  2. I also applaud your decision to let the plants fend for themselves. Our drought (southern tier of New York) has hopefully resolved and I hope yours does soon, too (without floods or severe storms). Nevertheless, I think you have a wonderful selection. I always enjoy your garden, especially the plants I can't grow in our climate. I think you've made some excellent decisions as to what plants you have in your flower garden.

  3. You still have some pretty flowers. Here's to tough bloomers! I need to be more like that just in life in general.

    1. Well, the tough plants are good role models even if they are not as showy as some newer varieties. Nothing daunts them.

  4. Love to see your garden! Such a nice variety ... and the blooms are so pretty. Do you have any rain in the forecast? We have also had a very dry spell and Alberta is in drought as well. But there's rain due this weekend apparently!

    1. We actually got .8 inch of rain Sunday night which was very welcome. We could use more but there's not much hope of it in the forecast for the next ten days.


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