Poetry Sunday: Tomorrow by Barbara Crooker

Barbara Crooker imagines a perfect day. A day when "For twenty-four hours, all politicians will be silent." And we might add that no postings to Twitter will be allowed.

Yes, it does sound like the perfect day. Let us dream that it could happen. Tomorrow. 


by Barbara Crooker
there will be sun, scalloped by clouds,
ushered in by a waterfall of birdsong.
It will be a temperate seventy-five, low
humidity. For twenty-four hours,
all politicians will be silent. Reality
programs will vanish from TV, replaced
by the “snow” that used to decorate
our screens when reception wasn’t
working. Soldiers will toss their weapons
in the grass. The oceans will stop
their inexorable rise. No one
will have to sit on a committee.
When twilight falls, the aurora borealis
will cut off cell phones, scramble the internet.
We’ll play flashlight tag, hide and seek,
decorate our hair with fireflies, spin
until we’re dizzy, collapse
on the dew-decked lawn and look up,
perhaps for the first time, to read the long lines
of cold code written in the stars….


  1. This is well written enjoyable verse. I guess that I have some trouble relating to the message. When I want to unplug from the world I usually do so with no problem. With that, it is not to often that I want to.

    1. Unplugging from the noisy world is what books and gardens are for.

  2. Great sentiments! I wanna join her world for a day!

  3. I vote (no pun intended) for having that day!

  4. What a gorgeous dream! Yesterday Twitter drove me to drink. Today I am sticking with Ground Hog Day.

    1. I stay as far away from Twitter as I can, because I prefer not to drink except to celebrate.

  5. Replies
    1. I thought we all needed such a day after the past week.


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