Poetry Sunday: Khaleesi Says

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? I admit I am. I've read all five of George R.R. Martin's books in The Song of Ice and Fire saga and I've watched all three seasons of the HBO series based on it.

The fourth season of the series starts in a couple of weeks and, just for grins, at my house we have been re-watching the first three seasons in order to get ready for it. So, when I came across this poem in my search for a poem to feature this week, it seemed like a little more than just a coincidence. Of course, I had to use it.

Khaleesi Says

Game of Thrones
In this story, she is fire-born:
knee-deep in the shuddering world.

In this story, she knows no fear,
for what is fractured is a near-bitten star,
a false-bearing tree,
or a dishonest wind.

In this story, fear is a house gone dry.
Fear is not being a woman.

I’m no ordinary woman, she says.
My dreams come true.

And she says and she is
and I say, yes, give me that.

"Fear is not being a woman" - I do like that line. And the Khaleesi says, "I'm no ordinary woman. My dreams come true."

But will her dreams come true for real? Only George R.R. Martin knows for sure.


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