Dog Face

There were more new butterflies in the garden over the weekend. It seems the Queens I showed you on Friday were just the leading edge of this "invasion." 

There were a number of these fragile-looking butterflies fluttering around the backyard. This is the Dog Face Sulphur.

They are indeed fluttery, constantly in motion. Those wings are always going, so it was really hard to get any good pictures of them. They just wouldn't pose.

They are called Dog Face because of the pattern on their wings. That dark spot represents the dog's eye.

I was able to get some fairly clear ventral views of the small (2 - 2 3/4 inches wingspread) butterfly, but...

...this is typical of my dorsal shots. Very blurry.

Image by

So, I resorted to this image from the internet to show you the dog face pattern. Think of a poodle with its mouth slightly open. See the image on each wing?

These butterflies are supposedly around this area from March to December, but I really only see them in my garden in the fall.


  1. A nice way to start my day - we are past butterfly season here in New York. Thank you! Enjoy!

    1. It's really the height of butterfly season here. We seem to get more and a greater variety of them at this time of year.

  2. Cool! I just finished Clock Dance last night and when I saw your butterfly I thought of the dog, Airplane. That is an example of how my mind works when I am still on the first cup of coffee.

    1. And speaking of clocks, I've just starting reading The Clockmaker's Daughter by Kate Morton. That's how my mind works fueled by coffee!

  3. I was trying to picture the dog in the profile picture but it was the wrong view. ;-) What a clever way by nature to mimic something else! :-)


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