Backyard Nature Wednesday: Redbud buds

Most of the native redbuds in the area have been in bloom for several days now, but my specimen is a variety that was purchased from a nursery. It's called 'Forest Pansy' and its blooms always come about a week later. This week the buds are popping out all over and the bees are feasting. Yes, it really is spring here!


  1. Yes, spring in February for us (s e harris county) !
    Wonder what other surprises we'll experience this year?

  2. How encouraging to see those buds! Finally spring is around the corner! :-)

    1. It's already turned the corner here and I'm sure it must be peeking around the corner even where you are in Connecticut.

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed. Enjoy them while they last which won't be for long.


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