Cats in hats?

The latest internet kitty sensation seems to be hats for cats. That's right - a chapeau for your favorite furry purry.

Meredith Yarborough, a South Carolina woman, started knitting kitty hats and taking pictures of cats modeling them in order to sell them on Etsy. Once she was discovered by the internet, the whole thing went viral.

Here are a few examples of her creations.

You could make your cat feel like King of the Beasts with a lion's mane hat.

What could be more fun than a cupcake hat?

Every little kitty wants to grow up to be a fireman, right?

He can celebrate his birthday with his very own birthday hat.

And he'll be all set for Halloween Trick or Treat with a witch's hat.

Yarborough's cat Bullwinkle is her model. He must be an exceptionally docile and sweet-tempered cat.

She claims that she makes these hats because she loves cats and wants to share that love with the world. I don't know. Look at the expression on that cat's face. Does he look happy to you?

I know two cats who are not ten feet from me now who would rip those hats to shreds if I tried to put one on them. They might rip me to shreds, too! I wouldn't even try. No cat in the hat for me.


  1. too funny. my kitties would hate a hat.

    1. I think most cats would. Frankly, I pity poor Bullwinkle.


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