A few interesting poll results

The polling organization Public Policy Polling has been busy in Mississippi and Alabama ahead of this week's Republican primary there. What they have found is that there is a virtual tie among Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney. That's probably bad news for Gingrich since this should be his natural territory.

The poll-takers have been asking questions besides candidate preference, as well, and some of their findings are really interesting, if not particularly shocking for those of us who lived a good portion of our lives there. On questions involving President Obama's religion and the respondent's belief about evolution, this is what they found.

Alabama Republican Primary voters:
Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you not sure?
Christian: 14
Muslim: 45
Not sure: 41
Do you believe in evolution, or not?
Believe in evolution: 26
Do not: 60
Not sure: 13
Mississippi Republican Primary voters:
Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you not sure?
Christian: 12
Muslim: 52
Not sure: 36
Do you believe in evolution, or not?
Believe in evolution: 22
Do not: 66
Not sure: 11
Tomorrow, these people will be helping to decide who the next Republican nominee for president will be, and, in November, they will help decide who the next president will be. And, not to just pick on Mississippi and Alabama, there are people who are just this ill-informed and close-minded all over this country, which doesn't say much for our educational system or for a political system that encourages such ignorance. Truly, the mind boggles.  


  1. Truly the mind boggles indeed. Yesterday I got another paranoid email from one of my spouses red hatter friends asserting the Muslims (meaning all) not just the jihadist terrorists are plotting to take over Deerborn Michigan, then the State and within 20 years the county... This is the woman who I sent documented evidence from Great Britains education ministry that the country has increased it Holocaust teaching requirement in ten grade, not banning all teaching about it in the countries school as she had alleged. This was relevent to our our upcoming election because we all knew Obama was a secret Muslim.... It boggles the mind.

    1. Some people seem to live in a totally fact-free zone, troutbirder, and your wife's friend sounds like one of them. It is sad, but also scary, because these people do have the power to vote and they will vote their prejudices, even though it may be diametrically opposed to their own best economic and social interests. Pathetic.


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