Who will win Oscars this year?

The Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday night with Billy Crystal hosting the show this year. There doesn't seem to be much excitement and anticipation about the movies up for awards this year. There isn't any obvious favorite as often happens, and speculation, which sometimes runs wild by this time in the process, has been notably subdued this year.

Personally, I've only seen three of the movies that up for the major awards: The Help, The Descendants, and Bridesmaids. I thought they were all good movies, not great movies. If I were forced to pick a favorite, it would probably be The Descendants, just because of George Clooney's performance. But I don't feel that strongly about either of the movies.

The Artist has a lot of supporters, but not having seen it, I can't really offer an opinion. Likewise, Midnight in Paris and The Tree of Life have created a bit of buzz, but I'm at the same disadvantage with them.

So, who will win the Oscars this year? And does anyone really care anymore? I used to love the Oscar show when I was a kid. All that glitz and glamour was really something to look forward to each year. But the whole idea of awards shows has been so cheapened by their proliferation in recent years, they just don't have the same cachet any more. Every organization with even the most tenuous link to movies gives out awards these days.

Still, this is the big one. The Oscars. So I'll probably be watching Sunday night, even though I don't really care who wins. Anyway, Downton Abbey ended its season last Sunday so my viewing time has been freed up and come Sunday night. I'll be suffering from Downton withdrawal. Something has to fill the void. Might as well be Oscar.

UPDATE: Here's an interesting take on The Descendants from today's Slate.com.


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