Poor Mitt

Poor, poor Mitt Romney. He just can't get any respect from his own party. And if he can't get them to fall in line, how will he ever win a general election?

By now, it was supposed to be all over but the shouting. He was supposed to be able to show his strength in these February primaries and caucuses and put to rest any doubts about his ability to appeal to the base. Instead, he has lost a majority of the contests to Rick Santorum (!) and barely scraped by on others. True, he did win Florida by a good margin, but that's looking less and less impressive.

I think the problem with Mitt is that no one really knows who he is. He's afraid to show them who he is for fear they will turn against him. In fact, if he could just once take a real authentic stand on...anything, really, it might actually turn things around for him. But he doesn't trust himself to do that. Maybe he's switched sides so many times and tied himself into so many knots trying to make himself attractive to all sides of the issues - which in Republican politics means the conservative side, the really conservative side, and the bat-shit crazy wingnut side - that he no longer really knows what he believes or where he stands. I have a sneaking suspicion that the only thing he believes any more is that he should be president, no matter what the cost in money or in sacrificing principles.

In fact, does the man even have principles? Well, he doesn't worry about poor people, he believes that corporations are people, and that the poor downtrodden banks are "hurting" and "scared." These core values lead him to the conclusion that the interests of the 1% must at all costs be protected and never mind the 99%.

Oh, yes, and he thinks it might be a good idea to start yet another war in the Middle East - this time with Iran.

You would think that all those "principles" would be like catnip to the Republican faithful, and yet still they just can't fall in love with him. They don't believe that he believes what he is saying. Poor Mitt. He just can't close the deal. Maybe he never will.


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