Why plant a tree

"I can't stop the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, but I can plant a tree."                                                                     - Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin 

The poet W.S. Merwin draws much of the inspiration for his poetry from the world of Nature. In that, I find that I am like Merwin for my inspiration, too, comes from Nature.

Recently, also, I am inspired by Merwin's poetry. Thus the circle is complete.

My daughter brought this Merwin poem to my attention. I like it very much. It speaks to me. I hope it will inspire you, too.
by W.S. Merwin

On the last day of the world 
I would want to plant a tree

what for 
not for the fruit

the tree that bears the fruit 
is not the one that was planted

I want the tree that stands 
in the earth for the first time

with the sun already 
going down

and the water 
touching its roots

in the earth full of the dead 
and the clouds passing

one by one 
over its leaves
Time to go and plant a tree.


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