The fine art of poking fun at stupidity

The ability to create comedy out of the deadly serious news of the day is a delicate art. Nobody does it better than Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. His comedy is always right on target and never really mean-spirited as is so much of what passes for comedy these days. On some days, he doesn't have to do much more than play the clips of the day's news and react with facial expressions. Other stories deserve a little more explication. Like Liz Trotta talking about women in the military being raped "just enough."

Priceless. Sadly, some of the barricades to full equality for women are guarded by women like Liz Trotta. The only compensation, really, is that they make Jon Stewart's art so much easier.


  1. He is so entertaining!!! I only wish he was on every night! He is truly brilliant and would love to see him participate in a debate with any of the GOP contenders. Now that would be funny!!


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