PolitiFact, the self-proclaimed checker of facts in the world of politics has become nothing more than a sad joke. Like so many in the world of journalism, or what passes for journalism these days, they are obsessed with appearing "fair and balanced" and never betraying a "liberal bias." Unfortunately for them, the truth does, in fact, very often have a liberal bias, but you'll never catch them conceding that. If necessary, they will distort the truth themselves in order to protect their credibility with right-wingers. It's a hopeless cause, for right-wingers have never given them any credibility anyway.

PolitiFact's latest fiasco was their assessment of President Obama's State of the Union speech last night. In the speech, he made this statement:
"In the last 22 months, businesses have created more than 3 million jobs. Last year, they created the most jobs since 2005."
PolitiFact originally rated that statement as half-true! When columnists and bloggers and political pundits and economists across the nation screamed in protest and pointed out that the statement was entirely true (which it is), PolitiFact reluctantly changed its rating to "mostly true"! Still wrong. It isn't mostly true or half-true or three-quarters true, it's TRUE! But PolitiFact cannot and will not admit that they were wrong and biased in their assessment.

The fact-checkers also blew it on this statement from the speech:
"Right now, American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight years."
Want to guess what rating they gave that? "Mostly true!" No, fact checkers, it is an easily verifiable fact that is 100% true. I think you should change your name to PolitiFiction.


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