A meditation on self-love

Occasionally, we all need reminding that we are only human and that, while it is good to have high standards and expectations of ourselves, we must acknowledge that at times we will fail and fall short. We will not always be that person which we want to be and which we strive to be. At such times, it is easy to fall into depression and even self-hatred. It is at these times that we need a reminder and affirmation of our humanity and our essential worth.

This weekend as I was going through my Google reader, I came across one of the blogs that I read, Snap's Tales from Twisty Lane. Hers is an inspirational blog and she often has posts that speak to me in a very spiritual way. That was the case on this day.

She referred to an article by Laura Fenamore in Tiny Buddha which was entitled "Create solutions not resolutions." Since this is the time of year for resolutions and since resolutions are notoriously easy to break and forget, it struck me as highly appropriate to be thinking instead about solutions. Here is the quote from Snap's blog post and Laura's article:     
My solution  for letting go comes in daily reminding myself of the process.
I do that using this morning affirmation for self-love:
Today, I accept myself just the way I am.
Today, I accept my body the way it is.
Today, I accept my mind the way it is.
Today, I accept my heart the way it is.
Today, the love I have for myself is so strong that I embrace all that is me.
Self-love transforms my life from fear to joy and guides me to make healthy choices.
Today, I share time with others and easily forgive any injustice I feel in my mind.
Today, all of my relationships are based on respect, love and joy.
Today, I allow the divine wisdom in me to direct all my thoughts, words, and deeds.
Today, I allow divine love to give me peace and joy.
Today, I remember I am one with all life, and I give thanks for being me.
It's my opinion that a lot of the ills of the world could be cured with just a little more self-love. Love has to start with ourselves. How can we love others if we can't love ourselves?

And so, one of my "solutions" for self-improvement this year will be to keep Laura's morning affirmation in mind as a daily meditation. I will try to remember that I am a child of the universe, that I have a right to be here, and that I am one with all of life. I will give thanks for being me and will try even harder to be a better me.  


  1. So glad you liked the post. A good way to start each day and the New Year.

  2. Indeed, Snap. It is the kind of affirmation from which we can all benefit, I think. I'm glad you brought it to my attention.


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