Go Rick!

I'm on pins and needles waiting for the result of the Iowa Republican caucuses tomorrow. Who will a few thousand ultra-conservative Iowans anoint as the next President of the United States?

They've been thoroughly wishy-washy in making up their minds and, according to polls, a lot of them are still undecided, but I have decided who I'm hoping to see in the winner's circle come tomorrow night: Google's favorite Rick Santorum!

Joan Walsh had a piece in today's Salon.com where she described Santorum succinctly: "By contrast with most of the GOP field, Santorum is the real deal, a dull, home-schooling culture-warrior who likes to brag about fathering seven kids, as though morality can be measured in offspring."

Walsh goes on to say that even though Santorum is surging now and is the natural darling of Iowan evangelicals, he doesn't stand a chance to become a truly national candidate because of his extreme extremism. But I say any party that could nominate Sarah Palin as a vice presidential candidate can easily swallow Santorum at the head of their ticket. In fact, why not a Santorum/Palin ticket? Talk about your wet dreams!

So, I say, don't listen to naysayers like Walsh, Rick! You can do it! You can be the Republican nominee for president. Go, Rick, go! 


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