Governor Goodhair heads home to Texas (with update)

Rick Perry was finally able to read the handwriting on the wall and so he gave up his campaign for the presidency today. It was a campaign that rates as perhaps the most gaffe-prone in the history of presidential politics, marked by one stupid, inane remark after another. The campaign could be summarized by that word that Perry uttered on that unforgettable occasion when, during one of the debates, he forgot the name of the third agency he wanted to get rid of: "Oops!"

So we won't have Rick to kick around anymore, at least not on a national level. Unfortunately, now he's headed back to Texas where we'll still be stuck with him until the end of his term. And who knows beyond that? Texas voters are not known for being discerning. They might very well give him their votes again.

Anyway, considering Texas' recent history, once he's gone, we'll probably just elect someone even more embarrassing to be our governor. Then we'll find ourselves longing for the good old days of Governor Goodhair.

UPDATE: Read Campaign Stops in The New York Times for another Texan's take on the ignominious Perry campaign.


  1. What a post!!! I concur!! You have a way of expressing my thought exactly! I also resent that my tax dollars were spent to protect the fool while we were unable to fund education or care for the eldery and sick in our state. That money would have been better spent protecting armadillos from becoming road kill!


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