Who are these people?

We've now had three debates of the Republicans candidates for president and it's the audiences at those debates that have made the most news.

In the first debate, the audience cheered wildly when one of the questioners prefaced a question by pointing out that Rick Perry, as governor of Texas, had overseen some 234 executions of prisoners.  The audience really, really liked that.  They really like capital punishment.

In the second debate, a question contained the scenario of a young, healthy man who chooses not to get health insurance and then suffers a catastrophic illness that puts him into a coma for six months.  The question was about whether the man should be treated or allowed to die. Some in the audience shouted that he should die.  It's all about personal responsibility, you see.  You refused to buy health insurance, so you must suffer the consequences.  And if you couldn't afford to buy health insurance?  Well, then, you are just out of luck.  If you had insurance but were late with your monthly premium or somehow forgot to pay it and then got very sick?  Well, again, if that Republican audience has anything to say about it, you will die, untreated.

In the third debate, a soldier serving in Iraq asked a question about the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  The soldier is homosexual and wondered if these candidates would try to bring back DADT if elected.  The Republican audience booed the soldier who is serving his country in a war zone!   So much for the vaunted patriotism of Republicans.  And when Rick Santorum answered the question by indicating that yes, he would reinstate DADT, again the audience cheered wildly.

One shudders to try to imagine what the next debate might reveal about Republicans and one shudders to think that such mean-spirited, heartless people live in this country.  I hope none of them are my neighbors.


  1. Loved Gail Collins this morning ....!!!!! :D :D :D

  2. I always love Gail Collins! I haven't read her this morning yet, but she's on my reading list. Now, after your comment, Snap, I'll be doubly interested to see what she has to say.


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