Good riddance to "Entourage"

The HBO show "Entourage" had been on television since 2004.  This was its last season.  Its last episode showed on Sunday night.

I never watched the show, except for a stray episode here and there, until this year, but certain members of my family had watched it faithfully, and since this was my last chance to find out, I decided to watch and see what appealed to them and what caused this show to continue being renewed for seven more years past its initial season.  I watched every week of this season's shows and I still don't understand.

Okay, it's a male bonding fantasy.  A group of not very smart, not particularly good looking, lazy young men get very, very rich while exerting practically no effort.  They live in a huge and extremely tacky mansion and drive hot cars and take beautiful young women to bed, again, while never breaking a sweat.  Literally.  I can see how that would fulfill the wildest fantasies of some men.  Maybe all men.  Just as "Sex and the City" might have fulfilled the same kind of fantasies with the same level of realism for some women.  But this show hung on for eight long years!  I can see it being interesting for maybe eight minutes.

Perhaps I'm lacking the "fantasy gene" (Although I had no problem liking "Game of Thrones."  But then it did have Sean Bean, who is my idea of a fantasy-fulfilling man.  But I drool and digress...)  but I just don't get it.  This show was so banal, the characters so shallow, how could anyone care about them?  Especially how could anyone care enough to continue watching for eight long years?

So, Sunday night in the last episode, everybody just got richer - no money worries here! - and at least three of the characters found true love:  Vinnie with a hot journalist whom he'd known for just a few days and then flew off to Paris to marry her; E (E? Really?) made up with his girlfriend who is now carrying his baby, quit his job and followed her to New York; and Ari the super agent quit his demanding(?) job that had ruined his marriage, made up with his wife and took her to Italy on a dream vacation.  The rest of the gang just continued to live in fantasyland.  Brotherhood triumphs over all and it continues.

Will there now be an "Entourage" movie?  God, I hope not!


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