I came across an interesting entry on Daily Kos this morning, by way of their contributor who goes by the moniker "The Great State of Maine."  The piece takes several bits of conventional wisdom that are routinely reported by mainstream media sources, or are parroted by the all-knowing pundits from the inside-the-beltway exclusive club, and it busts them for the myths that they are, with links given as references.  I can't resist reproducing the busted myths and the references for the truth about them here:   

> Ben Bernanke is the most inflationary Fed chairman in recent memory.       (Except he's not.)
> Cutting taxes is a magical, mystical sure-fire job creator!
(Except it's not.)
> Allowing voters to register on election day results in widespread fraud.
(Except it doesn't.)
> As the Koch brothers' net worth rises, so does employment at their companies.
(Except it doesn't.)
> American companies are overregulated.
(Except they're not.)
> Bloody violence is out of control along the Mexican border, and illegal immigrants are streaming into America at record levels.
(Except it's not and they're not.)
> President Obama's plan to boost the economy doesn’t appeal beyond the liberal hippie fringe.
(Except it does---big-time.)
> Social Security is going broke, it adds to the deficit, and we have to raise the retirement age because people are living longer.
(Except it's not, it doesn't and we don't.)
> Don’t listen to that Paul Krugman---he's not very accurate!
(Except he is.)
> The earth is getting cooler.
(Except it's really really not.)
> Mitt Romney is a member of the middle class.
(Except milk just snorted out my nose.)
It's nice to know that somebody out there is actually paying attention to and checking on the stuff that is being reported, endlessly repeated, and often simply accepted by a lazy public as fact without examining it. Being an informed citizen is not easy and is sometimes very hard work.  We need all the help we can get.  Good to know that the mythbusters have our backs.


  1. LOL!! milk out your nose!! I needed that!!

  2. It's certainly an appropriate response to the idea of Romney as a middle-classer, Anonymous!


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