Thank God for Gail Collins

I'm so glad Gail Collins is back from her book break and writing her regular columns for The New York Times once again.  I have missed her clear-eyed and often humorous view of the world over the last couple of months.  Heaven knows I could have used that view during that period.

Often when I am at my wit's end over the latest tea party outrage or the latest stupid thing said by John Boehner/Sarah Palin/Michele Bachmann/Rick Perry, I'll click on Gail's name in the online Times and find that she has written a column about it, but instead of letting herself be frustrated to the point of apoplexy about it, she has found the essential humor. She explores the hypocrisy and the egotism that are often a large part of the public persona of individuals, without losing sight of their humanity.  She is able to make fun of the idiots in public life without ever seeming mean-spirited.  (Maureen Dowd should take lessons!)

And now that Gail is back from her break and all is again right with the world, we hear about what was the subject of that book that she was working on all those weeks.  Texas!

Yes, Gail Collins is writing a book about my adopted home state.  Hypocrisy?  Egotism? Outrageous behavior?  Humor?  It's all there.  She won't even have to make anything up!  If ever a subject was ready-made for a writer, Texas was invented just for Gail Collins.


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