Sarah the r-word

So, Sarah Palin actually appeared on a Sunday morning news show today. Of course, it was Fox News Sunday. Did you think it would be another network's show? Anyway, the host Chris Wallace asked her a question about her husband Todd's participation in her governance of Alaska during her brief tenure as governor there. This is her answer, word for word, as reported by Huffington Post:

"He was forwarding on emails. And here's another thing. Todd and I being, in some cases, thousands of miles apart, if I emailed him about being, say, outside traveling, Todd's home, he's there, there, as a desktop, and I'm telling Todd, "Hey! Todd! Print this off for me, I'm going to grab it on my way home, because I work off a Blackberry, constantly, for practical reasons, it helped too. Todd helped as Alaska's "First Dude" with no staff. with no office, being thousands of miles away during a lot of times, with his job in Prudhomme Bay on the North Slope and commercial fishing. He helped with workforce development issues, issues that meant a lot to him and people out there, IN THE REAL WORLD. With carhearts, and steeltoed boots and hardhats trying to build this country. Todd helped in that respect. He never got into the minutiae of the politics, Todd's too good for that, he hates this kind of periphery political bull-stuff that we go through. He's not a part of any of that and, no, more power to Todd for being a good adviser and being a good practical person with common sense solutions."

The woman is completely incoherent. She seems incapable of stringing together words in a simple declarative sentence that makes sense. How can anyone in his/her sane mind take her seriously? And yet she is the most recognizable face of the Republican Party. Sarah the tea-partying Republican is truly re...volting!


  1. Unbelievable! Incoherent is putting it kindly.

  2. I always strive to be kind, troutbirder, but with Ms. Palin, it isn't easy.


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