Bluebird of happiness

It was one of those absolutely perfect late winter days here today. Golden sunshine splashed over everything with temperatures in the 50s, but what really cinched the perfection of the day for me was the bluebirds.

Several years ago, I had bluebirds nesting in my yard, but then there got to be a cat problem in the neighborhood and since I was at work all day and unable to keep an eye on the bluebird boxes, I took them down. I didn't want to provide snacks for predators. Since then, the predator problem has abated and I've put my bluebird boxes back up, but several years have gone by and no bluebirds have nested there. Sometimes chickadees or wrens have nested in the boxes but no bluebirds.

This winter, though, there have been lots of bluebirds around, singing their little red, white and blue hearts out and that has given me hope that THIS MIGHT BE THE YEAR! A few days ago when I saw a male bluebird actually inspecting one of the houses, I was ecstatic.

Today we put up the BirdCam to spy on the box and see what was going on there.

I was delighted to find that there had been quite a lot of bluebird action at the box today. Here the male looks things over.

Soon the lovely little female came by to check things out, too.

Showing what a good and conscientious provider he would be, the male brings a beakful of material to be used in constructing the nest.

The female gives her okay to the progress thus far and...

... disappears into the house.

"Hey, get that camera out of my beak! How about a little privacy here?"

And so, we'll leave them there - my own personal bluebirds of happiness.


  1. Such pretty pictures! I would love to see this kind of color in my yard.

  2. Put up a bluebird box and be patient. Maybe eventually you'll get some of them.


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