Curling: The next blockbuster sport?

Have you been watching the Olympics? I confess I haven't watched a single minute of the games and I really don't have any great interest in them, except that I would like to see Canada win a lot of medals. I mean, after all, it is their backyard, and it seems only neighborly that we should wish our good neighbor well.

The only parts of the Olympics that I have seen are the promos that are shown when I happen to be watching other shows on television. About 99% of the promos that I have seen have been for curling, leading me to the conclusion that this must be the most important game in the winter Olympics.

Now, I know nothing about curling, but judging from the promos, it involves teams sweeping a big ol' shiny stone across ice with a broom, attempting to guide it toward a target designated on the ice. It seems to be extremely popular already in some parts of the world. The icy parts, I would guess. There appears to be what I would consider to be an inordinate amount of interest in the outcome of the curling competition in these Olympics.

Well, I wish all the curlers well and I hope there is a spirited competition right up until the end, where Canada takes the gold.

Will curling's popularity transcend the Olympics? Will this, in fact, become "the next big thing" in the world of sports? Time will tell. But I'll probably never know because I won't be watching.


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