So now our elected representatives in Washington think that it might not be possible to pass a bill addressing global climate change and its adverse affects on the future of humankind (and, incidentally, the world) because it is SNOWING IN WASHINGTON??? They think it would be TOO HARD to convince people to vote for it because it is cold on the East Coast in February!!! AHHHRRRGGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are these people f... er...uh...you know, what Rahm said? Apparently they are. And that is being overly kind.

Can they really be so uninformed that they do not understand that weather is not climate and that because it is cold in the northern hemisphere in winter does not mean that the earth is not heating up? Because it is, you know. The year 2009 was the second warmest year since records have been kept, beginning in the 1800s. It was the end of the warmest decade ever recorded. The hottest year on record also occurred in that decade - 2005. They could read all about this on the NASA website - if they ever bothered to read reports put out by government agencies that are charged with tracking such things. They could also find that the evidence for abrupt climate change, outside the realm of normal fluctuations in Nature, is overwhelming.

Since they evidently do not read, here for the written-word-challenged representatives and anyone else who may not understand is a link to a visual presentation on YouTube that may just help.

Watch and try to understand, Inhofe. Then you and your whole global climate change denying family meet me on the steps of the Capitol on August 9 and explain to me how the earth is not heating up. That would be the most hilarious entertainment I'm likely to get on my birthday.


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