Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 2022

 I'm a bit late with my Bloom Day post this month. My excuse is that I've been busy... gardening. And then along came one of those April showers before I could take pictures. My plants really appreciated that brief rain. 

And now here we go with my April blooms. Let's start with the roses.

'Chrysler Imperial.'

'Belinda's Dream.'

I do love 'Belinda.'

'Julia Child' was my first rose to bloom this spring.

'Old Blush' is my ever faithful bloomer.


... pansies...

... pansies... these are just about at the end of their bloom cycle...

... and still more pansies.

And not pansies but violas. These were hidden "volunteers" in a pot of echinacea that I planted in a garden bed this week, so I popped them into their own little pot.

The 'Tangerine Beauty' crossvine only had this one sad little bloom on it today, but more are on the way.

I'm not sure of the name of this succulent but it has performed beautifully for me all during winter and now into spring.

And another succulent in bloom in its pot on the patio.

The yellow cestrum in the backyard is in full bloom.

The cyclamen is almost gone but a few blooms are still hanging on.

Dianthus with a bit of blue pansy on the side.

These petunias bloomed in their pot near the front door all winter long and now into spring.

The larkspur is almost there.

I know I should have removed the blossoms from these little zinnias before I planted them, but I didn't have the heart to do it.

More of the zinnias.

And still more.

This mandevilla vine was just recently purchased and planted.

Purple oxalis. On this cloudy and misty day, the blooms never fully opened.

A few yarrow blooms are still hanging around.

The Japanese maple has been full of blooms, although you can hardly discern them at the end of the branches. 

I just set up these pots next to the patio with petunia, yellow cockscomb, and salvia. They will grow to fill the pots.

Is there any happier blossom than the gerbera daisy?

She's not exactly a blossom but her name is Rosie. She sits on her cat tree on the back porch and looks askance at the camera. The tip of her left ear was removed by the vet at Texas Litter Control to show that she has been spayed.

And this is her brother Rocky who doesn't have a tip removed yet but that will happen next week. They are both diligent helpers in the garden.

Thank you for visiting my garden this month and thank you Carol of May Dreams Gardens for starting this meme so many years ago. I'm always happy to participate.  

Happy April and happy gardening to all.


  1. Wow ! Dorothy you have lovely collection of roses , I envy your pansies due to early arrival of hot winds mine withered off before the time this year. What a stunning shade of Gerbera daisy .

    1. Gerbera daisy, of course! I don't know why I wrote Shasta in my original post, but thank you for catching it.

  2. Your garden is wonderful, Dorothy, reflecting many hours of hard work I have no doubt, but the results are there for all to see.

    1. It does require quite a bit of work year-round, but it keeps me out of trouble!

  3. Lots of beauty in your garden! My favorites are the Raindrops on Roses photos
    Happy Easter!

    1. The kiss of the rain does make a beautiful rose even more beautiful.

  4. Rosie and Rocky are so adorable. I'm sure they are very fine supervisors in your garden. Your garden seems rich in flowers year around. I have a younger sister who lives in Hockley, Texas, and she sent me a photo in December of a sunflower as tall as her. It does get seriously hot there during the summer. Your photo of 'Belinda' is gorgeous. Thank you for choosing to read my blog post and leaving a lovely comment.

    1. Yes, July and August here are months when I would just as soon be somewhere else. Somewhere cooler. But our climate does provide year-round flowers. And year-round gardening chores.

  5. Spring has definitely arrived in your part of the country, Dorothy! I wish I had your touch with roses. Rosie and Rocky are sweet additions to your garden. My cat, Pipig (Swedish for "squeaky") would love to spend time in the garden but, since one close call with the local coyotes that now patrol at unusual hours, she'c confined to the house and her screened "catio".

    1. We have two indoor cats, but these kittens were from a feral mother who spent time in our backyard and I was able to tame them. They spend most of their time on our back porch. However, our backyard is fenced and relatively safe for them.

  6. I love seeing your garden! and the kitties. Beautiful roses. And the mandevilla is interesting - don't think I've seen that one before.

    1. Mandevillas are tropical plants that start appearing in our garden centers every spring. I've long wanted one and this year I decided to fulfill my wish and get one.

  7. Your garden is stunning! I hope to have one as lovely as yours one day! My favorites are the roses but I've always been a sucker for them ever since I was a kid and my mum had rose bushes.

    1. It's hard to imagine a more beautiful flower than the rose.


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