Poetry Sunday: Another School Shooting, Too Fucking Close by peachpit

I went looking for poems about school shootings and found this one by a poet who goes by the moniker peachpit. It reeks of the anger and frustration that so many of us feel. I offer it here without comment.

Another School Shooting, Too Fucking Close

by peachpit

A school shooting so damn close to home
I know everyone says it but
You never expect it to happen so close to you.
Always seems so far away when it's on the news
Until it happens to you
Classmates tell about friends of friends dying
Friends are injured
We give our condolences 
But it's all we can do

Gun control
As if this will every happen
They shot up small children at Sandyhook
That's literally the worst case scenario of a school shooting
But nothing happened
No new regulations 
No gun control
If they didn't do anything there
Why would they now?
As long as they can keep their guns 
They're happy

"Oh it was just mental illness. The RESPONSIBLE gun owners
would never do this."
Fuck you
Who gives half a damn
Take away all the damn guns for all I care
Why the FUCK do you need automatic rifles and shit?
Machine guns? 
You really need all that bullshit to protect yourself with?
You NEED a fucking gun that can kill twenty people in less than thirty seconds?
Fucking mental.
Get fucked man.
You don't give two fucks until it's your own kids dying at school
Who knows
Maybe even then your deranged minds will think
"But if the students had guns
They could've protected themselves."


  1. Hmmm...I agree that it always seems far until it hits close to home. Why any civilian would need an automatic weapon is beyond me, or a house full of rifles and guns for that matter. (!!!)

    1. And more school children have died from gunfire this year than have military personnel. What a society we live in!

  2. Or having only one entrance will protect the students. Or having piles of rocks. Or anything besides....controlling the guns.

    1. To hear our Texas politicians tell it, school massacres are caused by social media or video games or, according to the NRA, Ritalin. But they are never, ever caused by the easy availability of guns.

  3. Now it was close to my grandchildren. Never thought I would live in terror but now I do. If I had kids at this time, I would be afraid to send them to school.

    1. And one of my daughters works at one of those schools. Yes, it is terrifying. And still we do nothing.


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