Friday rant

You know what pisses me off about the 2016 presidential campaign? A lot of things, actually. But there is one thing in particular that I feel the need to rant about today.

Throughout the campaign, I've heard and read journalists considered (at least by themselves) to be knowledgable about such things describe the election as a choice between "the lesser of two evils." Thus do they normalize a completely unqualified and clueless candidate the likes of which this country has never before seen and - please God! - never will see again.

Not only do they normalize him, they set this man who is the worst that America has to offer, a man who personifies misogyny, racism, privilege, and anti-intellectualism, on the same level with a candidate who is intelligent and qualified, perhaps the most qualified candidate who has ever sought the office, at least in my lifetime. This is a woman who has spent her entire adult life working to make the world more just, equal, and caring for people who have been marginalized by society, and she is opposed by a narcissist whose entire life has been spent in a bubble of privilege where his only goal has been to accumulate more personal wealth. He is a person totally lacking in empathy who has whined, mocked, belittled, bemoaned, and chided his way through the campaign and has never taken responsibility for anything.

THESE TWO CANDIDATES ARE NOT EQUALS! The media do a grave disservice to the country when they pretend that they are. 

They will tell us, of course, that they are just trying to be fair and to give equivalent coverage to each party's candidates. But when one of those candidates is incapable of telling the truth, it is the duty of journalism to point that out. For more than a year, while a demagogue bellowed and blustered and ran roughshod over the other candidates of his party and appealed to the worst of the deplorable base of that party, the media just went along for the ride and the ratings and pretended that this was just another normal campaign. Only very recently have a few media outlets begun to fact-check him and call him out on his lies. 

However one might choose to accurately describe this campaign, it is most definitely not a choice between the lesser of two evils. There is only one evil here and let us hope that he will soon be tossed into the dustbin of history where he belongs and that our long national nightmare will be over. 

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. 


  1. I'll mention, first, that I lived in Arkansas for part of the time that Hillary Clinton was First Lady. I have great respect for her. But, I reluctantly conclude that the alt right isn't going to go away after their election. I also think if it hadn't been Trump, but someone else, that person may well have won. There is a lot of anger, resentment,frustration in our country. In times like those, demagogues arise, the "person who will solve everything". It's happened to so many countries. Will we be different, or will those people now be energized to continue after November 8? I don't know but I do fear the worst may happen. Alana

    1. No, they won't go away and no doubt they will continue the same campaign of disinformation about Clinton that they have perpetrated for the last thirty years. But I think to say that a different candidate opposing her might have won is really to underestimate the woman as so many have done and to not give her the credit she has earned for the campaign she has waged. In fact, Paul Krugman had a good column on just that subject today.

  2. Thanks for that Dorothy. The media have had a field day with this campaign and I find most of it disappointing. After the debate this week, I was thinking that after all of Hilary's hard work to get nominated and elected, the hardest work is still ahead of her. But if anyone can bring a country divided into more harmony, it will be her. And once she is President, we will have to call her something more respectful than Hilary! Madame President? I kind of like the sound of that.

    1. Madame President sure works for me. I've waited a whole lifetime for that.


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