Happy summer solstice/strawberry full moon

This date marks the unusual coinciding of two astronomical phenomena: the summer solstice and the strawberry full moon.

Although it has felt like summer for weeks now, the solstice actually arrived this afternoon at 5:34 Central Daylight Time. Temperatures here were above 90 degrees Fahrenheit at the time, but in some places in the Southwest, they were well above 100 already. It looks to be another record-breaking three months of temperatures.

For the first time since 1967, the summer solstice came on the same date as the full moon, known this month as the "strawberry moon" according to Algonquin tradition. The tribes gave names to each month's full moon and since June's came at the height of the season when strawberries were harvested, it naturally became the strawberry moon.

The moon actually attained 100% fullness this morning at 6:02 our time, almost twelve hours before the summer solstice, but if the skies are clear where you live, you can still enjoy the beautiful full orb tonight. It will be the last time that the full moon and the summer solstice coincide until 2062. I think perhaps I had better take this opportunity! 


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    1. Astronomical events always interest me.

    2. Yup, 110 degrees here on the Solstice. I watched the moon rise and am happy to know why it is called the Strawberry Moon. I love strawberries!

    3. There's nothing not to love about them!


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