Blogger security advisory system

Remember this security advisory system from the Department of Homeland Security, the one that ranges all the way from green (lowest risk) to red (highest risk)? Well, did you know that you can go to the website,, and create your own personal threat level chart?

Here's one that reflects the state of a blogger's psyche. 

There have been times that I've been at every level on this chart. Right now, I'd score myself as blue/guarded, but there are days when I could easily shoot right on up to red!

How about you? How's your personal threat level colored these days?

(Hat tip to TYWKIWDBI for the idea.)


  1. I would say mine is elevated. I only post when I have something to post, that way I don't feel the pressure of a schedule, though that's never the case absolutely because sometimes I pressure myself to read faster or cut on movies/TV shows to finish a book and post about it. :-)

    1. There are always competing interests, aren't there? Although at the moment mine are somewhat limited.

  2. I have been everywhere on this chart. Carmen is the one who talked me off the ledge the last time I was ready to give up. I think I can never get up to daily blogging. I admire the people who do, such as yourself, but I would rather read! Ha Ha. The thing that keeps me going is I consider my blog part of my "practice." In other words, it is something I do because of my belief in literature to keep the flames of freedom, free thought, and truth about life burning.

    1. Yes, I think we've all been up and down the chart at times. I do try to do daily posts, although I don't always succeed, but one of the nicest things about retirement is that I can always find time to read!


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