Throwback Thursday: Pictures from October 2010

Looking back at my posts from five years ago, I was struck by some of the pictures that I posted in October 2010. They brought back some nice memories. I would like to share them with you again. I hope you enjoy them.


The title of this picture posted on October 3 was "Got birdseed?"

We were having some cooler weather in that October than we've had so far this year. This picture of a hummingbird fluffed up against the cold was called "Chilly morning."

At that time, I had a lovely Japanese maple in my garden. Unfortunately, it later succumbed to our drought, but in 2010, it was providing some nice fall color. The title of the October 10 post was "Ah, autumn!"

"Navel gazing" was the title I gave to this October 20 posting of a picture of a Laughing Gull.

One of the ways birders talk about Snowy Egrets is to refer to them as the bird with golden slippers. The title of this October 24 post was "Golden slippers."

My favorite picture from that month was this one from my last post of the month on October 31. The title just identified what was there - "Spicebush Swallowtail and Mexican sunflower."


  1. Beautiful pics, Dorothy! Nice memories.

  2. Oh I love these. The cardinal is so cute.
    The Laughing Gull reminds me of a fabulous stay on a tropical island which was also a breeding colony for sooty terns. They are born with feet which seem quite out of proportion and spend a lot of time looking at them. The caption would be, "My, what big feet I have."


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