Deja vu all over again...and again...and again...

I wrote this post just a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, I could probably repeat it every few weeks and it would be relevant to the day's news. 

The top line on the graph has had a substantial number added to it in the past couple of weeks, most recently with the mass murders in Oregon yesterday. And the unacknowledged, and seemingly unending, war goes on.


The unacknowledged war

Perhaps we need to reexamine our definition of what

 constitutes war. Deaths from gun-related violence in this 

country from 1989 through the end of last year outnumber 

all the U.S. military deaths from wars that this country 

has been involved in since its founding. Does that not sound

 as if we are engaged in a war within the borders of this 

country? Moreover, this is a war that is waged in large part

 against unarmed women and children. 

I wonder if there is anything that could be done to stop this 




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    1. It is absolutely unbelievable that our country, alone among developed nations, continues to have these periodic massacres and we just shrug our shoulders and say, "Stuff happens."

  2. The national paralysis, and lack of will to confront the issue, may bring us to a national crisis. Let's think hard about where not confronting the issue of slavery ended up bringing our nation. This is not going to end well for us if we can't break this national paralysis.

    1. Very true. It is so infuriating and so frustrating that the majority of Americans who supposedly favor tougher gun laws are instead ruled by a very vocal and extremely well-armed minority. Even though gun ownership overall is decreasing, the people who own guns typically have several - like the shooter in Oregon who had 17.


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