So proud

I am so proud of our Houston Astros. What a season they have had! For most of the season, they led their division and played one exciting heart-stopping game after another. They gave us thrill on top of thrill. 

Their season ended today with a loss at Kansas City, but they've nothing to hang their heads about. One of the youngest, most inexperienced teams in the Major Leagues came this close to going to the American League Championship Series. Next year they'll be older, more experienced, and better. Now, we wish them a long and restful winter.

As for us fans, like in the song, we'll wait'll next year and hope.

As for now, go Cubs!


  1. Too bad they lost, but as you say, they should feel proud of having had a good season.

    1. They didn't quite go from worst to first, but they were next to last in the division last year and, while leading most of the year, wound up second this year. The team is full of talent and I see good things ahead for them.


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