Stupid human tricks

The polar vortex evidently is messing with some people's minds and making them even more stupid than usual. Maybe their brains are frozen.

It seems that there is this idea abroad in the land about throwing boiling water into the cold air and watching it turn into snow. I'm not sure just how it got started. Probably has something to do with Twitter.

Apparently a lot of people are trying it and not all of them are drunk at the the time. They toss the boiling water into the air and the utterly predictable happens. It falls on them and burns their heads or arms or whatever parts of their bodies happen to be in the way. Many people have been painfully burned.

The lesson here is that the laws of physics are not repealed by the polar vortex. Boiling water is more likely to burn you than to turn into snow in the few feet that you are able to toss it into the air - regardless of how cold that air is. And if there is wind, as there usually is these days, you may just get the whole thing blown back into your face and wind up with a very red face.

Really, is there no end to human idiocy?


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