Unenlightened HBO

Well, HBO did it. They canceled the best show on television.

I can't say that I was really surprised. When no immediate announcement was made following the finale of the second season of "Enlightened" two weeks ago, the handwriting on the wall was pretty clear for all to see. Still, I am deeply disappointed in HBO. Somehow, I had expected better from them.

The only hope for us devoted fans of the show now is that some other provider of quality television will give writer/director Mike White a call and make him an offer he can't refuse. (Come on, Netflix. You've started something with "House of Cards." "Enlightened" could be your next big venture.)

At the very least, we have two perfect seasons "in the can," so to speak, and we can watch them over and over again. I would actually love to watch the entire series from the beginning once again. There are so many moments there that were meaningful to me, as I identified so strongly with Amy Jellicoe, in all of her naive desire and flailing efforts to make the world a better place.

And at least we have that final episode where Amy was able to see the fruition of her efforts and where her mother, played by Laura Dern's own mother Diane Ladd, was finally able to perhaps understand her strange child a little and maybe even be proud of her. Ladd's smile in that closing montage brought tears to my eyes and brings tears to my eyes again as I remember it. So much was conveyed in that smile.

That was just one vignette where much was relayed to the viewer with few or no words. There were so many such vignettes in this wonderful series. I mourn the fact that there will be no more.


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