Glory days to come

Just a few more days until Major League baseball season starts. Spring training is almost over and many young players go to bed at night dreaming of glory days. Will this be their year?

Even young players on "rebuilding" teams like my beloved Houston Astros, the team with the worst record in baseball for the last two years, have such dreams.

All of which, of course, brings to mind the Springsteen song. Nearly everything in life brings to mind some Springsteen song.  Here he is with the E Street Band in a 1985 performance of his anthem to those lost days.

Were any of us every really that young?

(Props to Paul Krugman for first posting this video in his blog today. He was writing about the lost "glory days" of  tea party idol Paul Ryan, but I prefer to think about the glory days to come for talented young baseball players.)  


  1. I've been in baseball mini-heaven with the start of the college baseball season, but I'm really more than ready for the big boys to get with the program!!!! Play Ball!


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