Still clueless

Did you see the Romneys' television interview with Chris Wallace on Fox over the weekend? No, I didn't either, but I read reports of it today and it is clear to me that these two out-of-touch individuals, living in their own privileged world, still do not get it.

They were so sure that it was "their turn" to occupy the White House, that they were destined to win a huge victory last November. They just do not understand how it all could have gone so wrong. But they have their theories.

Mitt believes it was all those goodies that the dastardly Obama gave the country, particularly the Affordable Care Act which guaranteed health care to so many people who hadn't been able to afford it before. He said that he underestimated its popularity, but that it motivated all those poor people and the brown, black, and young people, to get out and vote. For Obama.

Of course, in Mitt's view, all the rich white people, who are totally altruistic and who had more concern for the country than for their own self-interest, voted for him, but he just couldn't attract enough of all those "others."

Ann knows why they lost. It was the media's fault. The damn media just wouldn't let Mitt's sterling quality of character shine through their filter. If only people could have seen what a truly caring guy her man is, he would have won in a walk.

In the view of this deluded couple, the policies that they ran on had nothing to do with their rejection by the voters. It was just all those gifts that an incumbent president was able to give to the voters, aided and abetted by the liberal media all the time.

So, here we are almost four months later and they still do not understand - and neither does their party - that the American public was simply not buying what they were selling. We do not approve of the policies that they were espousing.

We do not want Planned Parenthood defunded and abortion made illegal. We do not approve of the government interfering in women's personal health decisions, made in conjunction with their doctors and their families.

We do not believe in "self-deportation" of immigrants to this country, and we believe that people who take the risk to come here, even if they do it illegally, should be afforded respect and the protection of the law and that they should have an opportunity to redeem themselves.

We do not believe that elderly or disabled people who have worked their whole lives and paid into the social safety net system that is Medicare and Social Security are "moochers" and "takers" when they start receiving the benefits of that system.

We do not believe that millionaires and billionaires and multi-million dollar corporations should be subsidized by our government by allowing them to get away with paying little or no taxes while the rest of us ante up our fair share.

We believe that we should be doing everything possible to encourage children and young people to pursue education so that they will be prepared for the world of tomorrow. We should not be making it harder for them to get the training they need.

Well, I could go on, but surely one can see the problem here. Mitt and Ann Romney and their fellow Republicans were on the wrong side - i.e., the exclusionary side - of all these issues and American voters did not approve. That is why they lost. But it is unlikely they will ever be able to admit that, even to themselves.



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