A sensible Republican?

It appears to me that Jon Huntsman has concluded that he cannot win the Republican nomination for president so he might as well tell the truth, rather than selling his soul to the devil for a chance to win.  I came to this conclusion because lately he has made some very sensible, intelligent statements that are bound to make him anathema to the teahadists who control his party.  Just this past week, Huntsman has stated that:
1. He accepts settled science regarding human-caused climate change.
2. He accepts evolution as an established fact.
3. He doesn't believe that Ben Bernanke is treasonous and should be "treated ugly."
It does take some political courage for a Republican to stand up and say such things.  On the other hand, in the last Republican debate when the candidates were asked if they would accept a compromise that would reduce the nation's deficit if it provided for $10 of budget cuts for every $1 in raised taxes, he, along with all the other automatons, raised his hand saying that he would reject such a compromise.  I guess political courage only goes so far when you've got a tea party gun to your head.


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