Black Monday

Well, I guess I won't be looking at my 401k for awhile.  Wouldn't want to depress myself even further by knowing exactly how poor I've suddenly become.  Not that it was unexpected, of course.  After the debacle of recent weeks, financial markets all over the world were already collapsing in panic.  We probably haven't seen the end of it yet.

And still our spineless and clueless politicians refuse to do anything positive to actually turn the situation around.  They are in an endless cycle of name-calling and blaming each other.  The Republicans' sole aim now is to defeat Barack Obama next year and if the economy of the country has to be destroyed to do that, well then, that is acceptable collateral damage.  The Democrats, on the other hand, as led by Obama, still seem deluded that bi-partisanship and working together to solve problems is actually possible.  When your opponent has no other goal than your total destruction, it isn't.

Meanwhile, back here in Texas, where a nearly year-long drought continues, triple digit temperatures are expected all week long and no rain is in sight.  Plants everywhere are being burned to a crisp.  Trees are dying because they can't find enough water to survive.  Farmers and ranchers are looking at a disaster of biblical - yes, Rick Perry, biblical! - proportions.  It is enough to make one wonder if perhaps God is not really, really angry with Texas and with Perry.  Maybe it has something to do with that "I was hungry and you didn't feed me, I was naked and you didn't clothe me, etc." thing.  Texas is just about the most cold-hearted, niggardly state in the Union when it comes to caring for its poor, sick, and needy citizens.  Somehow I doubt that God approves of that.

As if that weren't enough, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to grind on, taking the lives of so many young Americans - smart and brave young Americans whom our society sorely needs - not to mention all the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.

Black Monday, indeed.  I wish that I could say that I see light at the end of the tunnel, but today I see only more blackness.


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