Poetry Sunday: September Days by Helen L. Smith

Summer has not left us here in Southeast Texas and probably won't for at least a couple more months, but still we can look forward to those "fairer, rarer days" and hope for the coolness of autumn. Maybe in December!

September Days

by Helen L. Smith 

O month of fairer, rarer days
Than Summer's best have been;
When skies at noon are burnished blue,
And winds at evening keen;
When tangled, tardy-blooming things
From wild waste places peer,
And drooping golden grain-heads tell
That harvest-time is near.

Though Autumn tints amid the green
Are gleaming, here and there,
And spicy Autumn odors float
Like incense on the air,
And sounds we mark as Autumn's own
Her nearing steps betray,
In gracious mood she seems to stand
And bid the Summer stay.

Though 'neath the trees, with fallen leaves
The sward be lightly strown,
And nests deserted tell the tale
Of summer bird-folk flown;
Though white with frost the lowlands lie
When lifts the morning haze,
Still there's a charm in every hour
Of sweet September days.


  1. Lovely verse. Already the mornings here are a little cooler and there is a hint of colour in a few trees, although that may be the result of stress rather than beginning to shed leaves. It will still be a while before the first frost, but I am looking forward to it.

  2. I do love autumn! This is a great poem. I'm looking forward to cooler days and nights now that it's September.

  3. This poem captures the feel of fall where I live so well. As David said, there is a hint of color in a few trees and it has dipped into the 50's at night more than once. Alana ramblinwitham

  4. I can remember learning in school about autumn leaves changing and cooler temperatures as fall arrives, but all of this, as a native Gulf Coast resident, was completely outside my experience. And it still is.


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