Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - September 2023

 Just a few blossoms from my garden on this Bloom Day:

Crape myrtle, of course.
Lantana, also of course.

The unobtrusive but very sweet-smelling blooms of almond verbena.


The ever-reliable bloomer Hamelia patens, aka firebush.

Duranta erecta, aka golden dewdrop.

Inland sea oats "blooming" by my little goldfish pond.

Beautyberry has, of course, finished blooming and is now full of its namesake.

Sometimes called "devil's trumpet," the night-blooming datura.

A single beautiful datura blossom.

Thanks for visiting my garden and a happy Bloom Day to you!


  1. Oh! I knew I forgot something - my Beautyberry! Maybe I can add it to my post.
    Beautiful Crape Myrtle!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love the lantana and those beautyberries. :D

  3. I REALLY need to find the right spot for a crape myrtle! Ditto for the firebush. Best wishes on this GBBD, Dorothy. Cooler temperatures are coming.

  4. Enjoy them while you may. The season is drawing to a close.

  5. Is your Crape myrtle still in full bloom? Love the color. Your garden is always a joy to look at.

    1. Yes, the crape myrtle is still full of blooms, although it is dropping petals off the blooms daily now.


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