Travels with Susan

I'm off on the road again. For the next week, my older daughter and I will be traveling to visit family and friends and paying our respects at cemeteries where family members are buried. It's an annual June ritual for me but my daughter has not made the trip in several years. She's substituting for her father who elected to stay behind this year. (I think he's been looking forward to a break from me!) 

While we are traveling, I will be absent from this spot and from the internet in general, but I'll see you here again, I hope, in about a week. Meantime, stay cool! 


  1. Have fun with family and stay safe. Have a great trip! :-)

  2. Have a great trip. How nice for you to have your daughter along. We do not look forward to having a break from you but we do allow you need your annual ritual-:)

  3. Have a wonderful time and be safe! P. x


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