Belated bloomers

Okay, I missed Bloom Day for reasons that I explained yesterday, but I came home from my vacation to find a few new, as well as some old, blooms happening in my yard, and today I thought I would share a belated personal Bloom Day with you. 

It's impossible to share blooms with you these days without also sharing pollen. Our air is yellow with the pollen of our many pine and oak trees. You'll be able to see a dusting of it on some of these blossoms.

The 'Mabel Bryan' camellia is in full bloom.

The 'Climax' blueberry is also full of its bell-shaped blossoms.

This little pink allium is just beginning to bloom.

The ancient azalea in my backyard has just begun to open its flowers to the world.

'Spring Bouquet' viburnum is blooming. 

The primrose has a very long blooming season.

Carolina Jessamine lights up the yard with sunshine even on cloudy days.

The little violas that have bloomed all winter continue blooming as spring approaches. 

This is 'Peggy Martin' rose. Isn't she pretty?

Finally, it is St. Patrick's Day, so let's end on a sort of shamrocky note. Well, faux shamrock anyway. This is the wild oxalis that invades flower beds all over my garden, but I tolerate it since it's such a pretty little invader.

Just a few more days and spring will officially arrive. We are going to finish our "winter" having had only one night of below freezing temperatures. I wonder what that will mean for all the insects and plant diseases that we count on getting knocked back by cold weather. We'll soon find out. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, happy almost spring, and happy belated Bloom Day. I hope your garden is bringing you joy.


  1. What a delight to have roses and azaleas blooming! I know you have had blooms for awhile, but still it looks like spring in your garden. Hope you're feeling better and not experiencing anything too serious. Happy Bloom Day!

    1. Thank you, Rose. It is good to see those blooms and know that spring is almost here, even for those of us who haven't suffered much of a winter. Those who have had severe winters are looking forward with even greater anticipation.

  2. Seeing your blooms brings me joy, especially the jessamine and the camillias, neither of which I can grow in upstate New York. Jessamine reminds me of my spring visits to - where else - the Carolinas - that I have made for the past five years

    1. The jessamine is a ubiquitous plant here and it is certainly one of my favorite bloomers in early spring.

  3. Beautiful blooms! Love the Carolina Jessamine. Hope mine will be blooming now that Spring is here. Love the little Oxalis, too!
    Happy Bloom Day!

    1. I'm sure your jessamine will be providing "sunshine" for your garden very soon!


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